Ophelie, french, old.
This blog is mainly a place to share, to laugh and to think.I do graphics thanks to photoshop.I sometimes write fanfictions, well more short stuff that I call 'writing'.I try to be funny but I'm mainly silly (in 2 languages no less woa you are so impressed right now, right?.Equalitarian, vegetarian and something-something-ian. Let's hang out virtually so we won't share cooties.And I run Fuck Yeah Darcy Lewis And the Darcyland Network
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hey can you do the dis-

clean u-




Canada’s response to Russia’s ban on “gay propaganda” via Brilliant Ads 


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Mads Mikkelsen being Hannibal for “Le Grand Journal” (x)


"how many times have you even watched that movie"


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No, I like to cuss. I’m not an angry cusser. I’m not a ‘Fuck you’ guy. I’m more kinda like ‘Shut the fuck up!’ Like that. Like friendly cussing. Like, ‘No fuckin’ way! Shut the fuck up!’ Like that helps me be more adorable to people. You know I’ve heard all the arguments against cussing, ‘Oh, Craig cussing just shows a lack of vocabulary,’ and I think, ‘Oh, shut the fuck up.’ No it does not. Some of the greatest minds in history loved to cuss. Shakespeare cussed all the time, but he did it in that fancy Ren Fair language, so nobody knew he was cussin’. They’re like, ‘To be, or not to be… Fucked if I know.’ I’m paraphrasin’, but that’s what he meant.

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“Enough, okay? You look ridiculous and you smell terrible,”


“When my mouth is moving it means you need to be quiet…”


“When my mouth is moving it means you need to be quiet…”