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Ophelie, french, old.
This blog is mainly a place to share, to laugh and to think.I do graphics thanks to photoshop.I sometimes write fanfictions, well more short stuff that I call 'writing'.I try to be funny but I'm mainly silly .Feminist.Let's hang out virtually so we won't share cooties. You can see my other blogs by clicking the navigation link.

FanGirls Present: Bring on the Dancing Boys / Special project in association with Glamorouswellness

Starring for Day 3 : Tom Hiddleston

Why I love him: Like probably, everyone on tumblr, I first saw him in Thor and I found myself rooting for the underdog/childish little shit. The scene between him and Hopkins gave me shills and I thought ‘ooohhh I have a feeling I’m going to see more of you in the future’. Then to IMDB I went and like any good troll, I watched his earlier movies. it’s only my opinion but they were sort of ‘meh’. But tumblr made me discover the real guy behind the adoration and he’s the sort of man you’d like as a friend (well yeah okay, as a boyfriend too but you know what I mean). He’s also a product of his generation, has a twitter, share his musical tastes and enjoys his fans and their creations. He is genuine in his affections and fanboy antics. He loves the Marvel universe and it’s heartwarming, so I guess I love him for his talent, his enthusiasm, his good looks, his good manners, his respectful conduct towards his fans and his never-ending interviews (you can add good vocabulary and intelligence too, it totally counts). He seems like a sweetheart, I love sweethearts.

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