by the lovely azrael-wanted

    • The one place you are craving to go to?
      right now, I’d say a bakery because I’m craving chocolate (no regrets)
    • What’s your all-time favourite film?
      urgh, don’t have one but a legion so I’d say Inception for now
    • You are granted one wish, what are you asking for? (i’d hate to answer that)
      a buttload of money (totally on the materialism side, I know)
    • Last song you listened to? 'Somebody to love' by Queen
    • Favourite superhero?
      I’d say Batman but he’s a man.
    • Last book you read?
      The first book of the hunger games but I had to close it because it was making me nauseous (because of all the description of food, for real!)
    • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
      on my body I’d say a faster metabolism so I could eat a ton of food and not gaining any weight, on my personality I’d say not to be scared of failure.
    • Do you have a verbal tic? If yes, what is it? oh wow, IDK, depends but no, as of lately I don’t have any.
    • What is the first series you became a fan of? I was a child and it was Carebears but real tv show I’d say MacGyver lol
    • What does you url mean?
      used karma because I was feeling super weary and felt the need to shed some sort of new skin on the internet after years of using the same username.
  • And finally, what are you supposed to do right now that you are obviously not doing because you are on Tumblr? (or more generally what are you not doing while on Tumblr?) IDK, life? Finding my way?

I hope it’s allright but I’m not tagging anyone.

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