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Ophelie, french, old.
This blog is mainly a place to share, to laugh and to think.I do graphics thanks to photoshop.I sometimes write fanfictions, well more short stuff that I call 'writing'.I try to be funny but I'm mainly silly .Feminist.Let's hang out virtually so we won't share cooties. You can see my other blogs by clicking the navigation link.
Could you please explain to me what all this hiddlesworth angst is about?

We talked about confessions blogs and on one dedicated to Hiddleston, we pointed out that there was sometimes disturbing ones (like in any confessions blogs tbh). We talked about the hard work it probably is to maintain a confession blog when some people don’t understand the owner is not the writer of the confessions and can be rude, that sort of thing. But there was one confession in particular that shocked us a little bit, the one about a girl having the fantasy of Hiddles and her, having a one night stand and having a baby, I said I had a Gollum vibe coming off from this. Most of the time, I like this blog, it’s funny. But yeah, once in a while I go ‘WUT?’

I am tired and stupid - Hiddlesworth angst? I seriously don’t know, two beautiful males will look in each other eyes for a second and ship happens. I just see bromance but what can you do? Once wonderful artists draw gay porn, here goes sanity through the window, IDK, it’s the internet. Hemsworth is going to have a baby, so the shippers see angst on Hiddles side, I don’t mind it, I am a spectator as long as I can see awesome fanarts, I’m shallow. For me reblogging anything like this, it’s a really tongue-in-cheek-wink-wink-nudge-nudge kind of thing. it’s fun, I think I love every nook and cranny of the fandom.

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